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Bella Vita Aesthetics applies a holistic approach to skincare by using products free of mineral oils, drying alcohols, animal products, PEGS, parabens, phtalayes, dyes, perfumes, and coloring, that leave your skin looking bright and feeling fresh and supple.  We are proud to offer the highest quality products in the industry. Our skincare lines Peoni and Lumi are Canadian brands developed by Montreal based skin guru, Jennifer Brodeur, facialist to Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and other celebrity clients. 

Because we know that skin health is not only a reflection of what we do to our skin on the outside but also how well we treat it from the inside, we are pleased to provide products that aid in repairing skin from the inside out.  We offer collagen supplements from Within Us Tru Marine as well as essential fatty acids from Bend Beauty, also both Canadian brands.

Let us help you achieve healthy and beautiful skin from the outside in and the inside out!

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